A Love Ends Suicide /

Of Day Dream and Fantasy

This brings me down
This angry field of soldiers that march in pairs
My heart still beats faster lets synchronize each movement
With every chance we have
Stand towards your enemy knowing your chances

Think twice with your fist closed tight
Angry eyes wonder through rough paths of a hollow souls
That brings me down - Slow emotions rise
Expanding what you've won, hoping for the best
Let your self win your own battle

If I'm the only one left standing in the rain
But I'm not left alone and I could not be forced
It takes an army to disarm me in a storm
Charge your feelings at the world
With everything you've got

Charge your feelings at the world
Don't kill till we stop
Lay your helmets down with pride
Kneel to the wounded
They cry whispers of joy
And we laugh to stay alive
And i won't hesitate tonight

Fight back and don't let your guard down
And god will save us all to fight Imagine life without any flaws
Say your prayers to say goodnight
I'll be right back today
This time we will let go

Let's go on
Our hearts will bleed no longer
White lights keep us going
We won't stop fist from falling
Mending what once was ours