Orange Island /

An Armenian Best

Burn it down. for one last time let's set fire to these night skies and tear them down. wait. you won't save a place for us? where we can skate the town or drive around listening to battery's "until the end?" drink a private stock forty? maybe we should just play nhl '94. or, actually, why not go back to the beach? there's plenty more chicks to mee like we did that year. those years when we had always. don't you forget that you said you would stay. don't you forget that we're so happy you came. we won't forget. no, we'll never forget you because some of those are ones who go on and no one even knows their name. and, for one last time, you were more than just any other friend of mine. they try to tell me i'm wrong. well, don't try and tell me i'm wrong. they will all have their doubts but i won't turn around because i know that i fucking need you here.