Prince /

Mustang Instrumental

Baby, could U be the most beautiful girl in the world?
Oh God, what am I gonna do?
He finally called

What do I wear, what do I wear?
Maybe black, hmm...
Mmm... 2 sexy, 2 mysterious

Ooh, maybe the red dress
I don't know, it's 2 firey
He won't be able 2 sit still
He won't be able to eat

Mmm... what do I do, what do I do?
Maybe white, ooh, the white dress
2 pure, 2 virgin-like

Damn, maybe he's just gonna have 2 see me the way I am
Maybe I'll just wear the jeans with my holes

Hopefully he'll like me
I don't know
I hope he can accept me the way I am cuz I'm crazy about him...

The most beautiful girl in the world