Justifide /


I fly to nowhere to escape the painful reality of this world,
To see the beauty my creator has in store for me,
The promised land, no more shadowed land,
We meditate on the king of all creation
A place where tears and fears drift away
This right here's a brand new day
I never wanna leave, all I wanna do is stay the rest of my days
In this brand new place called Zion, Zion
No one, nothing can take away this promise given to me


Sometimes I just need a break from everything of this world
You're my refuge and my strength, a safe place to escape, escape

So again I look for you to take me to that higher place, out of space,
I beg of you to please continue showing me, all I'm meant to be
Cuz you know everything
And it hurts me when I see all these other people searching for answers,
Yet they have the hardest hearts, looking through the blindfold that covers their
If I didn't have you I don't know what I would do
When I'm weak and lose my sight
You're right there to restore light
I would be lost with out you
I don't know what I would do
Thank you that you're always there
No matter what you always care
To me you will always be
The one that loves me died for me