Defeated Sanity /

Horrid Decomposition

[Music: Gruber / Lyrics: Gruber / Keller]

Living in a world of sicknesses
For which there are no cure
One of them eats its way through me
And lets me die slowly
Infection for those who just touch me
Fear - they throw stones to chase me away

I'm banished from civilization
They throw me into a doorless room
To keep my disease away
While thousands of others lie infected yet

I'm slowly decomposing
And the stench of my own decay surrounds
I'm driven to despair
I throw myself against the wall
I vomit in disgust for my own blood
In pain and suffering I cry

In this chamber I'm put away
There are mirrors to watch
Myself decline
What human being could be so cruel
To execute me this way?
This wretched way to lose my life

Waiting for my release
Minutes seem like hours to me
In this dark abyss of pain
That devours me
Internal organs start to liquify
No one stands by me in
My darkest hours

Regardless reality...
Memories of sanity
Determine my vegetating
Memorial torture
Dismembering my last aphorism
Extricating my soul out of my body
...I lost my vigor