O-Town /

These Are the Days

From: JenRox [email protected]

Motel Sittin' in the dark
Empty room like an empty heart
Lovers stop but they never stay
They don't look back as they drive away,

Maybe I, should fix this broken neon light,
Fill in the cracks and paint it bright,
And maybe love will stop here tonight,

And if she knocks on my door,
I'll give her the key,
Just one look in her eyes,
And I know I'll be.
Everything that she sees in me,
More than I thought I could be,

Cause these are the days,
When all that I can do is dream,
But I don't wanna spend forever,
Living in the in between,
I'm stuck here in a place with out love,
And I just can't let it stay this way,
But for now I'm gunna have to face it,
These are the days.

Gotta use this lonely time,
To change the picture in my frame of mind,
Outside the window there;s a sunny day,
I want to feel it on my face,
You and I, are out here looking for the same thing,
An end to all this wonderin,
Waiting for someone to share this feelin.



These are the days between your hopes and fears,
these are the moments that are still unclear,
still uncertain if she will appear,
Like it or not this is what i got Oh cause,