K-Rino /

Time Traveler

(feat. Mista Mann)

Extreme genius, means supreme linguist
Steam from the unseen beam left teams spleen-less
Thought schemes redeem, souls and bring cleanness
A king sleeps sixteen blings, could not dream this
Take aim shameless, rain and stood blameless
The untamed rebels I flame, remain nameless
Make it rain jugular veins, it's never painless
Craniums I drain, till frames became brain-less
I'm seeing far places and evil that's unformed yet
The reincarnation, of people who ain't born yet
Bomb threat, tropical storm making your palms sweat
Human unicorn, who ain't developed his horn yet
If you blind, follow my design and find me
Ahead of my time, like I got a clock behind me
This is a class to me, you want me just ask for me
I travel so far ahead, your future's the past to me

We are all time travellers, each one of us holds the capacity
To transport ourselves, to any period of existence
Past present or future
The abstract method of travel is the human mind
The concrete method is our own divine blood line
Time travel witness it

I was there, in the midst of triple darkness
In the mind of the originator, right after he brought this
Universe into existence, I witnessed
The profits predict instances, that would happen in the distance
I was there, when they made trips
To Africa, and transported us in the holes of the slave ships
I stood next to Harriet, with a rifle
And over saw Jesus, speaking to his disciples
I seen the whole, slave period
And I was one of the builders, of the Sphinx and the pyramids
I saw, the Titanic ship sinking
And I was one of the last slaves, but had no love for Abe Lincoln
I watched streets, turn deadly
I kicked back and saw God, drown Pharaoh in the Red Sea
I ran, down court with Jordan
I even tried to warn Eve, about the serpent in the garden
I built satellites, that scan stars
I listened in on American presidents, as they playing wars
I traveled, through millenniums
I saw the Pilgrims spread disease, murdering the Indians
I saw em, bringing in cocaine
Was in the lab when they made crack, and sparked up the dope game
And the first rock, lit up
I was sitting on the bus the day Rosa wouldn't get up
Saw King's dream in plain view
And I was there years from now, when the dream finally came through
Me and Garvey, was stepping
Nat Turner was my boy, I'm the one that gave him his murder weapon
I saw Allah, murder Babylon
I was at Savior's Day, when Elijah chose Farakhan
I fought the Japanese Shogun
And I was one of the Egyptian scholars, that Socrates stole from

(Hook: Mista Mann)
Time traveler, when me move with time-time
Time traveler, it's in me blood line-line
Time traveler, it could boggle your mind-mind
Time traveler, the universe is mine-mine
Time Traveler (x16) (Hook)