Faerghail /

Blood Will Follow Blood

No good will ever grow in me
For hate and anger is all i feel
Trapped in your lies for so many times,
now feel my hatred and my burning eyes

I want to see your every single tear
As i color your life pale and dark
I will open the door for you to the land of despair
And guide you through tha path of thousand mourning stars

I want to end it here...(blood will follow blood)
I want to end it all...(blood will follow blood)
I want you to see...(blood will follow blood)
That i will never fall...(blood will follow blood)
Blood will follow blood!

I know what you feel in your heart
For i'm the disease in your blood
Moments of terror will come your way
And crush your soul and end your days
Now embrace my rage and feel the flames burning inside.
As i'm crawling through your veins
Like razorblade tearing you apart

I am your pain

No good will ever...

There's a cruel poembook, an engraving in your mind.
And every time you'll turn me one more page.
I will strike through your eyes like a thunder from the sky.
And show you all the might of my rage.