Orange Island /

Out of Our Faces

All this shit has left me with a clouded mind. or is it cloud nine? pretending today was a day and tonight was a night. it doesn't matter it was mine. it was our own, and i wouldn't trade it for anything but i'm not going to wade in it or wait with baded breath for it. those mornings we laugh for miles. mornings we're asleep for days. the alcohol just couldn't heal the wounds anymore and maybe i'll mean this apology. wait, let me clear my throat. (enter sarcastic tone) i'm sorry! it's just that when your elbows are on the pane and your face is pressed up against the glass looking at a world with no should haves or would haves or could haves, it's bound to crash down. it's bound to shatter. so we made maybe a word only whispered once. and maybe if the winter hadn't killed the sunsent and maybe if the summer air hadn't left you, i wouldn't have needed to walk for miles chasing fireworks with these wide-eyed friends of mine. i swear it snowed in august! because home never felt this cold.