Radical Noise /

Angry Son

Nature of a lost generation, reality is blocked by the fake visions
A two faced game based upon the rat face, self destruction
Hurt each other with no reason, it is the sign of a heartless season
Our differences made our hearts stoned, a hostile creation

Who is pushing it, the industry seems getting high profits on it
Hate me, make me hate you, by the way we'll hate others too
Feed the machines of greed, everything is done in the name of self defense
Who started the war, it doesn't matter, keep on getting lower

We all are the same, youth with no name
Someone to blame? No one to blame!

Angry son, are you the one
In this world standing alone
These are the hard times, before
The storm, just look around

They don't want us to unite...
Just look around
Under the ground
We all are the same
Unite to take it back!