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The Art of Soap Opera Acting

So aren't you disappointed yet? wasting a kiss at a point in time when brothers betray and lovers fall from truth with eyes closed tight. putting too much stock in it, a touch, lock in on it because it's only cold at night when you sleep alone. so aren't you disappointed yet? mouth in fist at a point in time when no one's supposed to find out about it. but is it sill considered lying if it's through silence? out of sight, out of mind, right? but i have to ask. how do you sleep at night knowing it's all painted, knowing it's all fake? oil based, two faced and drowning. believing in what was someone else but leaving with what is something less than what it was worth. years of wasted time and energy. years of tasting wine all with me. does it hurt? you ask me does it hurt? (yeah it's fucking tragic) waking up on the wrong side of golden, eyes finally opened, when stooping low tends to be a trend for you. "i'm not a good person, i just play one on t.v." that should be your motto if you ask me.