Naked Empire /

A Very Good Way

Well sometimes I live for myself
And sometimes I'm thinking of somebody else
I step on the lines, give good advice
And I challenge what I believe

I've broken a promise before
I've watched as my heart fell and broke on the floor
This is being alive, living a life
I'm feeling alive in a very good way...

The Way...

I like that I think that I'm good
That I always react with the choices I should
Sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I'm wrong
And I'm sorry I can't always be

Exactly who I should've been
But I guess that the outcomes the same in the end
I cannot escape, cannot escape
Cannot escape in a very good way...

The Way...

I'm sorry for all that I've done
And I'm proud of the places I say that I'm from
I'm living a lie, living a lie
Living a lie tonight

I cannot escape what is real
I cannot deny how I feel
I cannot escape, I'm scared for my life
But I live everyday in a very good way...

The Way
The Way...