K-Rino /


Listen, we gon talk about a word
That we don't see and hear too much, too often
Respect, yeah

Yeah you ain't gotta like me, that statement is true
But respect is when people see you, when they act like they do
Stripes don't come, from talking all hard
It's a whole lot of hard talkers, up in the graveyard
Listen shady cats, I'll never respect em
People pull stunts on you, then get mad when you check em
I send love, to my real O.G.'s that died
It's some dead cats I respect, more than ones who alive
For real, fools recording these prankster joints
Lying on your records, trying to score some gangsta points
Nothing but fake thugs, shooting make believe slugs
Imagine every dope dealer, selling invisible drugs
Respect, ain't how many laws you broke
How many times you went to jail, how much weed you smoke
How many cars you got, how many diamonds up in your teeth
If you ain't real, you could still lay face up in the street, listen

(you gon respect me), long as I'm rolling with the God
Partner, I don't need nobody to protect me
People pulling funny moves, just to spite me
It might be jealousy, you ain't gotta like me but
(you gon respect me), and if I die
Real G I guarantee, that the streets'll resurrect me
Be who you are, things'll fall into place
Disrespect the game, watch it blow up in your face

See that's what's wrong with America, we plays appearances people stare at ya
And judge, without deciphering the fabric of your character
Everybody in the hood, dealing with issues
The same man you criticize, you couldn't walk a yard in his shoes
How you gon' brag, cause you went to jail
Your lil' mama spent your bail, and never sent you mail
If she was really down, she would represent you well
Soon as you got in there, they poked you out and bent your tail
You can't persecute these youngsters, it's rough getting older
They get high, because it's hard to face that dirty world sober
But criticizing, ain't gon' help they condition
Instead of turning on em, sit 'em down quit talking and listen
They turn to the streets, cause it ain't no love at home
Thinking hustling is fly, bragging and get swollen in the dome
But a real G ain't gotta glorify, nothing they do
Cause if you really true to the game, the streets gon' glorify you, listen


Feel what I'm saying and try to understood good
Ask yourself a question, what's worse losing some money or your manhood
Don't be counterfeit, spit what you live
When it come to respect, remember that you get what you give
A lot of females be tripping and some of you grown
Dressing like hookers, then get mad when men come at you wrong
Some of y'all be trying to get attention, with your behind
Don't understand that you can, attract a man with your mind
If your body, is all you got to offer a brother
What's gon' be left, when y'all get tired of laying up with each other
I don't consider you a hoe, but that's the image you show
Cause I'm knocking you down and we just met two hours ago
But I can't talk about nobody, without checking me first
I ain't no better than her, if anything I'm worse for sho
Show me respect, then nothing'll come of it
Just make sure, that you don't put a D-I-S in the front of it listen


Yeah, listen to your boy for a second man
The word respect means, the state of being regarded
With difference or esteem, willingness to show consideration
Or appreciation, polite expressions or consideration
Or difference, in other words man just
Give people, what you would want man
Treat people, like you would wanna be treated man
You know I'm saying, don't look at a person's situation
And judge 'em off, what you see
Judge that person, off his intentions you know I'm saying
Cause what appears, to the eye
Might not be, what's really going down
So in other words man, respect people mind you feel me