Defeated Sanity /

The Parasite

[Music: Teske / Gruber / Lyrics: Köhler]

Unethical creation
Disgusting and forlorn
Filthy thoughts and hate

Demon without honor
Born long time ago
Spell of human nature

The sickness of humanity has grown
And built a parasite
Anger and fear, two dimensional beings
Like a snake in the grass it survives

Sometimes it takes a walk in the dark
Where only shadows are
Red gloomy eyes
Swallowed the light around
It can't find the way out
Of this painful existence

Unseen creature starving for
Mankind's Madness forevermore
Never been seen, but always aside
It smells your greed and tastes your pride

Formless I exist thoughout you
I will be the last nail in your coffin
My life is the reflection of your weakness
I want to be dead