Radical Noise /

Heaven Somewhere Else

Endless prejudice, enemy-hostility
We're becoming strangers to our own nature
When we call "middle east"
Reminds me of black tears
Victims of the global peace lies
Hunted million's of lives

Sometimes I wanna make sometime
Sometimes I wanna get sometime
Sometimes I wanna break, sometimes... to somewhere else

I'm your rage
Well written story
You're my fate
We'll hunt each other

We live in the third world, from different "nations"
But styles are similar, "war in everyday life"
West puts on the rules, East plays the fool
You wanna die more, You wanna kill more

Who's the guilty, you can find it easily
Enough to purport to see the reality
Masses became the means of assembly line
Minds became the guns of computer wars

Racism, everywhere
Killing, everywhere
Racism, everywhere
Heaven... somewhere else