O'Ryan /


(Verse 1)
If you want it and i got it
i'll give it to you
and if you need it
just call me, i'll be there for you
and baby all of my secrets
i'll share them with you
it ain't nothing babe, put that on everything
i'll be the water in your shower
to wash away the day
i'll be the answer to your problem
when you can't find a way
never hurt you or leave you cuz it ain't like that
wanna be your man that's where my head is at

i'd give you anything and everyting just to be with you
(just to be with you)
in every way (every way)
make some changes and be a better man
give up the girls and be dedicated to you baby (cuz i want you)
cuz i want you more than anything (oh yeah)
more than all the money this world could bring to me (awww baby)
i'd give you anything and everything just to be with you (be with you)
in everyway

(Verse 2)
When you're out late with your girlfriends
i'm waiting for you
ain't no beefin about nothing
cuz girl i trust you
and i know that you'll hold me down whatever you do
i just can't explain how you make me feel this way
(oh i)
wanna be the pillow where you rest you head
anyplace you wanna go i'll take you there
don't matter what they say don't really care
i want you so bad that's where my head is at


Oh yes baby i'm not running games (trust me girl)
girl i need you this way
i'm so incomplete (i'm so incomplete)
no one to call my own
don't wanna be alone
darling can't you see
can't you see that i'd give...

(Chorus 2x)