K-Rino /

You Never Know

(feat. Super Crunk)
Yeah, what's up homie I see ya
This for you boy, love you mayn
You already know that, check it
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-da-da
La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la
La-da-da, la-la-la, la-la
A.C. god rest his soul, lost him at 36 years old
I miss my boy and how we use to roll, life is good but sometimes it's cold
Same old story written in stone, we never honor people until they gone
The night you called it never crossed my mind, that I was hearing your voice for the very last time
Man since then I been wishing, to see you roll up in that Expedition
Saying some'ing funny breaking me up, or knocking on my window waking me up
I use to get mad when you did that then, now I'd pay to have you do it again
People you just met you let em in close, I felt like I knew you better than most
So when I see and hear things each day, I picture you there and I know what you say
Yeah A.C. would of laughed at that, I hope you know that I had your back
The times we argued and almost scrapped, killing emcees way back in the gap
We was partnas though music put us on the map, we're ninety percent friends and ten percent rap
When one was hungry the other one fed, when I struggled you gave me a job and break bread
Back in the days we would mob to the club, you introduced me to the woman I love
Man I wanna grab them throwback years, when I talk about ya I gotta hold back tears
I got your family that's my obligation, if they need me I'm right there no hesitation
(Hook: Super Crunk)
You never know, when life will end
It's always hard, to lose a friend
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
I know one day, we'll meet again
I know you did what you had to do, but it's like myself inside is mad at you
We still got a whole lot of songs to rip, a whole lot mo' microphones to grip
I hear you on records spitting your name, or talking trash playing a video game
Always thinking of ways to get ahead, then I picture you laying in that hospital bed
I try to talk to you and bring you back, hoping some'ing I say would make you react
Daily I pray to the Lord that way, December the 14th it rained hard that day
You left the world and it was probably extreme, I know I'm tripping it's gotta be a dream
I'ma wake up walk out hop in your ride, and say man I had a crazy dream that you died
Then you'd laugh and hit the streets, hoop at the park grab some'ing to eat
Chill and talk about rhyming skill, but this ain't no dream this time it's real
I hate to stress but some nights I do, when your mama called it was like I knew
A close friend is hard to lose, I had to call everybody up and break the news
During the funeral my mind was sound, but I broke down hard at the burial ground
When reality hit tears ran like water, I thought of your son and felt for your daughter
Some days it's hard to fight, but death really is a part of life
If we keep his name alive he'll live through us, he was never ours God loaned to us
When it was time to leave you was always slow, when boys were rapping you would always flow
Shoot pool and leave with all they do', and I'ma make sho' people always know
We ain't gon quit putting it down in the game, A.C. wouldn't want us to stop doing our thang
His job is done his time is given, the day of the gone we need to mourn for the living
Sometimes I restrain myself, trying to imagine the pain you felt
Death was some'ing I never assumed, that night we took you to the emergency room
Your daughter's mother passed away and she gone, your son's mother gotta raise him alone
But your legacy is engraved in this song, I still got your house number saved in my phone
Guess what the division does, I never even knew what your religion was
I guess it don't matter, cause anytime you could help giving love is what your decision was
I'm at home watching basketball, a couple of times man I almost called
We gave females a lot of tension, pulled a few stunts that I ain't gon mention
Now you gone away, down a road that we all gon walk one day
You live on cause you had two kids, and now that you gone homie I'm glad you did
The crew dealing with it in they own way, but right now I can only speak for K
This song I hate I had to write, but you wrote the words just by living your life yeah
(Hook x2)