Rough Silk /


here's to you, my fatherland
silent scream - my only friend
traces - disillusion - down
masquerader - sailor - clown
I was born without a home
blue wherever I may roam
seems like finally I would find
everlasting peace of mind
- Insania

all the laughter - all the pain
all the troubles - all the rain
all the fun we had - INSANIA
all the rumors - all the heat
all the prayers to the backbeat
all the things we said - INSANIA - gone too far...

in my heart - in my soul
I take a dice and let it roll
there's a place for the last and the only ones
there's place for disgrace where the braindeer runs
to the pole.
All my life I tried to hide
where the rising shaddows ride
teardrops from a spaceship flown
silent waters made of stone - Insania...