The Handsome Family /

Darling, My Darling

Darling, my darling
Look at my waving antennae
My barbed jaw and hard red pinchers
The stripes running down my spine

Darling, my darling, watch me fly up in spirals
Admire the horns 'neath my eyes
The fan of my beautiful wings
I'll give you everything

Darling, my darling, I bow my leg like a cello
I perch on branches and bellow
While dreaming only of thee
I'll give you everything

Darling, my darling
Down in the dew-dropped rushes
I beat my head in the darkness
And build a fortress of tunnels

Darling, my darling, your snapping fangs don't scare
I'll leap on your spine and love you
'Til you gnaw me down to my wings
I'll give you everything, I'll give you everything

Oh my darling
Oh my darling