Optimus Rhyme /

Ping Pong Song (feat. MC Frontalot & DJ Snyder) (Badd Spellah remix)

Sipping Perrier, playing ping pong
Movin' up the ranks y'all
Hey man you know there's nothin' wrong
With a late night battle
I always stay prepared
My paddle's in my backpack
Challenger's beware.

With the P-I-N-G
Volley for the serve, hit it nice and easy
See we got these regulations, for a tournament
O.R.P.P.R.B., check the document

I'll officiate, your event, keep it on the level
Inspect the surfaces, arguments are settled
Scrutinize the nets, keep 'em taut and snappy
Rock the color commentary, keep the people happy

It's on. the day starts just before dawn,
Brobot's on the front lawn, giving seminars
On the finer arts like brutal back hand hits
People linin' up, earnin' new certificates

Check the merchandise, man Grimmy thought of everything
Sweat bands up to grand champion rings
It means that nobody leaves empty-handed
Every last ball on the court's O.R.P.P.R.B. branded

Demand from my sponsors is big and getting better
See me at the match in my ping pong sweater
In the locker room, liftin' weights gettin' strong
Sipping Perrier, playing ping pong

What? Yo, they challenge me? To a sanctioned event?
It went quick with the skunk, yeah love zero 6
Top Spin smashes, stops them dead in their tracks
You see the way I relax is winnin' ping pong matches
Victories are comin' in batches
When I practice, it's back hand --- back hand again
Forehand, no return practice sideways spin
The skin on my paddle's kinda floppy
But it don't stop me, I'll win in any condition
While you wishin' that you could scout out my style and try to copy

I'm in Japan learning secret paddle positions
I'm on a steady diet: sashimi to gohan
I eat with my fingers consult the masters for advice:
The first rule of Ping Pong, know the score
Never stop playing 'till the ball hits the floor

See me at the Comfort Inn on the World Tour
It's 4 a.m., I'm eatin' continental breakfast
The competition don't expect this
A new serve from Mr. Cyberman, an ace is quite effective
I'm happy as long as my ladder post is protected
Our gear's not the tightest, it's all that we found
That table might wobble but it don't fall down.
We're in the locker room liftin' weights, gettin' strong
Sippin' Perrier, playing ping pong

Every ball is branded, serve it left-handed,
O.R.P.P.R.B., see the label and demand it
It can get kinda crazy, you understand it
It don't phase me, it's the just the way that we planned it.(4x)