Desaster /

A Touch of Medieval Darkness

[Okkulto 8/95]

A night by the castle's side,enjoy the power of the silence and obscure
Nature,feel the forgotten spirits

The last weak light
Is burning on my skin
When i feel the shadows
A message of the night

Mountains rise
Before the dying sun
Night will rise
Till'the next short day

All sunlight is gone
Black clouds wander
I sit under the nightsky
By the castle's side

Dream and reality unite
Everything seems endless
The pictures of the time
Here they rule forever

Through the depths of mind
I fly alone
Crossing ages so dark
When the lie was brought

Shadows dance around me
A whispering into my ear
Those who died proud
Take me to their realm

Faster goes my journey
Deeper in the time
Will i reach my goal
Before dawn will rise ?

Horses storm through valleys
Warriors call my name
The skyline is in flame
Blood drops in my hands

A travel in eternity
Passing my whole life
Wounded is my body
In which battle i fought ?

Sorrow falls upon me
I dream in time and space
I fought i fly eternally
A sunbeam kills my dream...