Optimus Rhyme /

My Piroshky (reprise) (Jacob London remix)

I'm a carpool lane outlaw
It's 5:30 y'all, and yeah I'm that dude with the mannequin
You wanna get mad and then report me then call,
It takes more than that to get Wheelie panicking

Everyday I plan my escape,
From the East side through the city can't be late
to the practice space, see we gotta create
it takes time just to make it to 11th and pine


Was the spot, but we left the I.D.
Hiked up the hill now nobody can find me
I hide away like 3 times a week
Must stress test an experimental beat seeeee

Start drinkin' at rehersal
Snag a 6 pack then request a reimbursal
Ha, do anything to make it on time, gotta black ski mask screamin' down I-5

It's Saturday night halle-lu-lu-lu jah jah
It's Saturday night halle-lu-lu-lu jah jah, jah jah

Hey man I'm sorry that I missed your show,
But it was late and I was tired and hey, well, you know
how it goes when you gotta get up and all that
but anyway I'll talk to you later call me back, seeee

I gotta do a lot of yapping, just to get these shows lined up with the full crowd be clappin'
You ever wonder what happens in the back room of the club where those managers be nappin'?

They say the people better pack in
If you don't move enough booze then you're not gettin' back in
It's all numbers, it's all good to me,
Give us drink ticket's and we'll rock it happily, seeee

We'll sober up, by the time we gotta leave
These show promoters got tricks up their sleeve
I've seen everything, every scam, every scheme
And if you got a problem, talk to the Bee

Buzz buzz y'all
That's right, it's the Bee
Everybody just calm down

It's Saturday night halle-lu-lu-lu jah jah
It's Saturday night halle-lu-lu-lu jah jah, jah jah

I wake up late on a Saturday
hungover from a show last night that we played.
It's was cool down there at the Chop Suey
Had a lot of allies at the ballet
But hey! Feeling kinda hungry hit Broadway
Nah dude, I ain't got no spare change
Hate it when these broke teenagers approach me
Slide by quickly gettin' my piroshky