Debbie Gibson /

How Can This Be?

What happened to the love we made?
We used to be so good together
Life was just a big parade
And kisses lingered like forever
Now we argue and we fight
It doesn't feel like the middle of the night
When love was all around

How can this be?
Did you lose your heart along the way
Or did I lose me?/When you got lost in me?
Now the rain comes down
The sun has gone
But I don't know how this can be
The same hearts that were so free
How can this be?

I want so bad to feel so good
I don't think we have reached our limit
I just know I don't wanna have
A single dream if you're not in it
I've grown accustomed to your face
I've grown to love you more each passing day
When did this laughter turn to pain?


Toy soldiers falling down
I thought we were on solid ground
Is anyone ever?
Can we sacrifice forever?
Or is the pain too much to bear
Without you in my life forever...