Busta Rhymes /


Daddy, can I sing this song, please?
Thank you

Hush other rap for niggas, don't you cry
Flip Mode is back, and you are gonna dye
Now they are niggas and they make it fall good
It can be alot safer, when they move off the hood
It's too late for you to try to call a truce
You tell him and your nigga like the cipher on lose
Better watch your head
You better watch how you talk
Watch me sleep, watch me walk
Always beware of a choice you make
Every time you click every route you take
Crazy shit of you everytime I had to talk
I get really pass, since the fallin' of New York
Now we sayin' shit I never thought we'd say before
You might realize It Ain't Safe No More

If you would realize It Ain't Safe No More

(Even Slower)
If You would realize It Ain't Safe No More.

(Busta Rhymes)
Yeah, unfortunatly for alot of you muh'fuckers
We 'bout to wet up in your shit
And give it to you in the way that you might not be prepared to deal with
What it is, what it is
And It Ain't Safe No More!!!!