Mad Parade /

Second Chances

Do you hear the bells a ringing
Clanging inside your head
Life on a silver platter, will you take it
Well, what was he really saying
Oh, never mind, I heard
If he's a captain on the ship then I can't take it

We'll do it once, then they'll do it again
We'll do it once, then they'll do it again

Always looking for second chances

Do you remember yesterday
And the promises that were made
But those promises never see the light of day
In God we trust, keep it in your pocket
It's an air-tight economy
Money doesn't grow on trees, money grows from greed

They say they deserve it
They say how much they care
But when you least expect it, looking the other way
What little rights you have can be taken away
If you let them be

Do you believe actions speak louder than words
It's what they say, what they really mean
Well, no one has all the answers
No matter how questions are posed
What's right for you
Well, I guess only you would know

Today is just like any other day...