Alghazanth /

As Nothing Consumes Everything

That which from chaos surfaced
in chaos shall eventually drown
buried in the same restless womb
from whence it once crept out

Be it the most majestic mountain
or a leaf floating down a creek
both equally pulverized in naught
under the merciless cosmic feet

Prayers are but waste of breath
they fade into the roaring storm
and even if they reached a god
not one could match this force

As Nothing consumes Everything
the glasshouse of creation shall shatter and fall

Like Lamia lurking by the cradle
the Mother has nurtured Her child
and as the hor of filicide is at hand
She acts without a tear or a smile

Accept the nature of the process
its monumentum can never cease
bend your knee, bow down your head
give praise to this grand release

As Nothing consumes Everything
the weeds of existence spring up no more

From dream to reality
from frail to perfection
from extant to noumenal
from one and one to none

As Nothing consumes Everything
no matter how sacred, all life must end