October 31 /

The Warlock

He's the warlock he's the midnight man
With magic he attacks
The sorcerer of full moons eyes
His soul is drenched in black
Within his lair for no one goes
They know the curse he'll bring
He beckons fools to come to him
From the highest hill he sings
"There is no force as great as mine
So fall into my arms,
You can't resist temptations urge
You can't deny my charm"
So take my hand my foolish children
For I'll not bring you harm

The warlock feeds on mindless fools
The poor who've lost their way
He takes their minds and steals their souls
Insisting they'll be saved!

His spell is cast on you
Sealing the fate of doom
You took his words too well
He'll see you down in hell...
The warlock strikes again
Another life does end
A victim of the night will never see...

The light begins yet another day
Another time and place
The warlock stands before the town
Preaching his magic ways
Another fool does raise his hand
Waiting to be "saved"

The warlock lives to fool the world
To trick them with his "sight"
He takes the mind and steals the soul
And laughs into the night...

Beware, oh beware, oh beware of the night:
(The warlock)
Beware, oh beware, oh beware of the night:
(The warlock)

Warlock, the warlock, the warlock waits for you,