The Kinks /

UK Jive

Another Saturday night and everybody gets together
The pubs are turning out and all the streets are alive
But the people wanna party so they come back to our house
Everybody gonna do the U.K Jive
Dad's got a crate of beer and it's an open invitation
He's ever-so elated and so are his mates
Everybody's welcome to bring all their dates home
To syncopate and celebrate the U.K. Jive
Swing your partner to the left, swing he back to the right
Don't stand in the middle and act cool all night
Everybody act a fool, jump around, lose your mind
Celebrate and typify the sign of the times

Do that U.K. Jive
Do that U.K. Jive
U.K. O.K. U.K. O.K. gimme that U.K. Jive
You gotta swing to the left, then back to the right
You gotta learn to swing both ways
When you're jiving in the U.K. O.K. U.K.

Mum's all annoyed dad forgot the inflation
He blew all his wages by half past nine
Now he's bought a gramophone on the never never
And the tally man's gotta have his money on time
But the kids are jumping round
And they're wearing out their leather
Driving all the neighbours out of their minds
Make a noise with boys and girls of the nation
That's the explanation of the U.K. Jive

Blow in my ear, I like the way you do that
And that's what I wanna hear
Is that a fact?
Are you jiving me?
Oh, you bad pussy cat
You'll make papa mad

Do that U.K. Jive
Do that U.K. Jive
U.K O.K. U.K. O.K.
Do that U.K. Jive