Richie Kotzen /

Killin' Time

I could be wrong about it but that's all right
we had our moment know we're loosin' this fight
You tried to make a difference and so did I
But in the end look at your life, what do you see
After you take away the tears there's nothin' here
for you or me
Maybe we're just killin' time

Still reachin' out for someone to keep you high
Run run away from what is real and feed the lie
This whole facade your livin' in is gonna die
and when it ends
What will you say truth or a lie
about all those wasted years
What did you do with your life when you were't killin' time

You ought know how it all plays out in the end
When you look at so many people livin' a life with no intent
Out there wasted killin' time
Like it was all we had to do to stay alive killin' time...killin' time
Are we all...are we all killin' time