Annie /

I Will Get On

Well I know
It wasn't really meant to happen
I tried to
You never ever cared to listen
You say you don't want me around
When I am feeling down
And won't be there to hold my hand
If I don't see your face again
I guess I need a brand new friend
Who will be there in every way

Hey come along and watch my game
Why can't you see
I don't need anyone?
All on my own I will get on
Remember you will be the only one
The lonely one

Ooh, why
You make it feel like it is
You and I
When there is nothing left to
What we had
It took me much too long to see
That I
I will get on

Take your time
And realize your misdemeanor
Then you'll find
Your selfish (?) days are over
If I could ever turn back time
I wish you could be my
Everlasting, trusted friend
I must been blind I couldn't see
That you were never meant for me
How stupid could I be?