OutKast /

Crumblin' Erb (OS remix)

Verse 1: (andre 3000)
yessuh, let me dig into your brain, folks fallin' like rain
poverty got me sellin' thangs guess I'm gon' explain
Jane is rolled up, no gangs be throwed up
but still andre got action, they sweat like Keith, all on my teeth
I take it upon myself to handle mine, thinking that you
gots ample time to do this, have you shot I though you knew this
I'm crumblin', no time for fumbling sellin' my sacks watchin' my back
wettin 'em up like splish, leave 'em in a splash of blood
the clock is tickin' niggaz from my block is missin'
I'm putting it down like be hot before we all get shot
got only so much time in this bastard
niggaz be claimin' pro, but I be sayin' they pro-cras-ti-nating
settlin' for less better be ready when they roll up in your nest
and sink one in your chest and yous gone, up outta here for good
y'all be bobbin' back and forth to let me know you understood
yeah what's up?

Hook: (sleepy brown)
there's only so much time left in this crazy world
I'm just crumblin' erb, I'm just crumblin' erb
niggaz killin' niggaz they dont understand, (what's the matter plan)
I'm just crumblin' erb, I'm just crumblin' erb

Verse 2: (big boi)
so check me out, see once in a while when niggaz be tryin to test me
I gets frisky, grab a pint of golden whiskey
then they swing but shit they missed me
huh, I'm getting nice with them thangs because I do like that
you heard me on the radio and yes my man I'm true to dat
I run my lyrics the way y'all wanna hear 'em
and shoot my dice against the brick the way I wanna flicks 'em
nigga, so ring around the roses, diamonds around my neck won't flex it
but I'm runnin' niggaz over like a '94 lexus test it
ten millimeters count 'em nigga fuck a nine
see I added a millimeter for y'all niggaz doin' crimes and drive-bys
kiss yo' ass bye-bye, sayonara suckas
I flipped the script and turned the page ain't scared of you mothafuckas
be bobbin' shots, like them hoes be poppin' coochies
and I still be spreadin' bullets like them freaks be spreadin' cooties
so look here niggaz, I'm huntin' Red October
I said my shit and ran my lyrics and now my verse is over


Verse 3: (big boi)
whooo! Big Boi gotta tampa nugget, blunt box, it's empty
that's where the 'erb be droppin' it's simply marvelous time is tickin'
but some of that time when I be layin' vocals in the Dungeon
Sugar Bear and Mon be smoking ounces like it ain't nuttin'
It ain't shit to take another hit so hit it, of the cannibus, sativa weed
reefer yeah smoke shit, it's all day and until they label me deceased
so fire up another one and smoke out and fuck a world peace!

(andre 3000)
we is gonna smoke out, until we choke out
like some merry men, cowards I be burying
comin' around my trap with that, see nigga you gets nothing
just like DJ do the cuttin', I be havin' your posse duckin'
nothing but King shit, I am asking, sucka can you hang
that player with the pepper throwin' salt off in your game
sprinkle, sprinkle mothafucka don't be crying on me
that southern sess be in my chest until I'm chillin' in peace, yeah!


Verse 4: (big boi)
Ah shit now, comin' in like two fat hoes sittin' off on cornflakes
droppin' this thangs like french fries in hot grease
Bigg Gipp, Goodie Mob, PA, Outkast, the J-O-I
just to let y'all niggaz know forever pimpin', never slippin'
that's how it is, that's how it's gon be, that's how it was in the past
that's how it's gon be in the future nigga
it's all day ayan day, so what you wanna do wit it
bring that shit on, you know what I'm sayin'!

(hook x3)