I Got You on Tape /


i could wait a while, say a prayer and start to smile
turn around to walk away and leave you paralyzed
do it side by side, walking slowly down the isle
quiet conversation with the father of the bride

but he might not let me in
it’s a right and wrong decision
where i walk too slow and gently lift my hat for him
no he might not let me in
so i push it a bit further
suzanne has got a hold on me now

turn it up a bit play that organ louder, kid
pull it back and forth in time for me to have a hit
when it’s down to this, when i’m putting on the ritz
there is meaning to the madness and my throwing fits

i can do with savoir faire
abc’s on easy living
but the light she shines on me is giving me the chills
so i might not meet you there
though i’m keen on big beginnings
suzanne has got a hold on me now