Rabbit Junk /


Life is nothing but bitches and money

its all good yeah you punk ass motherfucker
some people run, i'd rather fight till the day that i die
you know there gonna find us one way or another
so lets give it up, jump and we'll learn to fly!

i wanna hear you say
hey hey!
what does it all mean to me?

its all right run!
dont wait to see them come
they're coming to throw down
to break you of some so lets go!
we got no pride to show
out numbered three to one
what the fuck you waiting for?

i'm feeling good, yeah you punkass motherfucker
some people talk like its in the ground rotting away
just goes to show you should never even bother
to let someone else put you out of harms way

so this is it then brother-betrayer
fuck you very much i guess i'll see you on the other side
till then your looking over your shoulder
as i run you better go fucking hide!