I Got You on Tape /

Pins and Needles

switch it on if you feel the reason to stay
lay it down for a while next to a neighbour friend
do your job two times feeling better today
have it come through your nose, no need to pretend

very calm when you hit the highscore
feel your blood boil over
only when you’re singing the blues
we can make you do the cha cha

it is safe to say with pins and needles
that i’m stuck here with you cause i need your love
sort of down by law and sick from feeling tired all the time
can you tell which kind of blue i’m thinking of

i can feel it in my backbone
there’s a reason to stay
i have found my true lucky star
still i always dream that i am falling
when i drive your car
singing beat me daddy six to the bar
we can make you do the cha cha