Phish /

David Bowie

Song: David Bowie
Artist: Phish
Album: Junta

This is one of my favorite Phish basslines. Definitely
funky. This is only the structured part of the song. The
rhythm isn't that hard to figure out if you have a

X=muted slap

Main Line:

G --------4h6-----2-----4--------4h6-----2---4--
o P P P P P P o
D ----------------------------------------------

A --2/4-4------------------2/4-4-----------X----
o T T T T T o
E ------------3h5---5h7--------------3h5--------

This is played four times before the walk-up part. I add
the muted slap for a little variety, but you could keep
repeating the first half of the pattern if you want to.


G ----------------6h7h9--

D --------------7--------

A ----4h5h7--------------

E --5--------------------

After the walk-up is played, the whole thing is repeated and
the second time around it goes into a jam. After the jam is
over, it comes back to the original pattern, except
everything moves up 3 frets (including the walk-up).

Note: this is my first time putting tab on the net, and I
would appreciate any feedback. If you find this useful,
please let me know. I will post more Phish basstabs if I
get a positive response.

Dave - [email protected]