Deepspace 5 /

World Go Round

without these hard times you and i would not know how to treat prosperity
i've lived my life dual optically
and it would not be until i lost it that i could appreciate true clarity
in front of my many reasons for these seasonal concepts includes experience and charity
thrift of life is what i have to grasp using it sparingly just does not seem fair to me
but i must go about humbly and try to build something
try to help others build not just lumping my priorities as my only goals
but to point myself directionally to brighten other stars
and let them know about galaxies far beyond their thought platforms
about men and songs about war and how it's wrong but it's right
because basically without the dark we would not know to covet light
i know you can hear but you don't always listen to me
taking for granted every time you blink that when you open up you'll see.

around and around it goes filling the flows with the catchiest slang
so whose winning this game (so who is it?)
the finger thats spinning this thing
because its yin and its yang that keeps the world rotating

the world turns, but concerns me not with what they got
plot land, follow the man leading to onslaught
ignorant of what they heading for, i speak in metaphors
straight into the market thats black, riding the track
bare back, down the path of the straight, open the gate
hates filling up the mind of the blind, so i decline
all the fruits spoiled, coiled up in the middle was a riddle
that had left me perplexed right in the text, out loud
as i think it, in getting into the brainstream
looking for an answer, to keep it honest (i keep it honest)
i got the finest of noodles that i'm rhyming
still i'm bombing to the beat i feel
the keep it real with rapping in tales of platinum sales
you asking me, if its a tragedy that master p could master thee
art of acceptance, but regardless he got it
and if he can be successful, then do i really want it?


this rollercoaster ride is up and down, its voice inflection
demolition experts, employed to destroy whats been erected
i've seen intrepid warriors turn holy when they tempted
then listen to public outcry blatant genocide on a record
that's like a cop who thanks a dealer for the crack that he sells (thank you)
like a woman who thanks a man for all those that he tells (thank you)
and oh well, i smell the daisies and try to endure the bee stings
arm in arm, with weapons shooting blanks at three kings
spread my wing in the dark and fly by night
pain infliction keeps my pen encrypted, thats how i write (oh right, alright)
i jump the turn-style, burn the sun-dial
cry on my pillow for a lifetime, just to experience one smile
call me a medicine man, everyone can
yeah, i see you lying over there but i believe its better to stand
pan-handle on the corner of devotion, and patiently waiting
for the world to defy the trends and reverse its rotation