I Got You on Tape /

Waiting to Blow

so this is where it all begins
true love about to burn your skin
banging heads against the wall
something dangerous

because you don’t know where to hide
break down crying on the inside
because you don’t know where to turn
your very first time naked

and i’m guessing that it hit you hard when i told you that i was the one
shopping gifts for your mom while your dad went fishing
these pictures drifting through your mind leaving you all dazed and confused
leaves you stuck with the kings of wishful thinking
you’re good and ready to blow

guess it’s better to be safe than sad
better not to care than going mad
best to sit and wait for them to come
those little cloud nine people

where you’re dreaming of the man machine
happiness when you were seventeen
eternal sunshine in a spotless mind
while striking match and needle

things are getting kind of hot in here there’s a green light coming your way
when you dance like it’s time for a revolution
you were caught inside a storm when clock stopped ticking your melody
lying down and watching television
you’re good and ready to blow