Rebaelliun /

Kings of the Unholy Blood

In march we come from the underworld
Unafraid to spill the holy blood
Doomsday has come venomous vengeance
Come forth volcanic spirits of death
Violating whats sacred
Satan's troopers dark vultures
Slashing the face of the nazarene
And pissing in the god's terrain

Storms of fire shall suffocate the last mankind's breath
Kingdom of the brave rises dawn of the vengeance
Unleashing havoc
Undisguised wrath
Summoning the legion of beasts
Now the kings will take command

Bleeding Burning
Dark flag will show the slaves whose in command
We nail his hands to the world's suffering
Once again your false lord is dead

Agonizing Dying
Two thousands of falce beliefs are falling away
We drink his blood in the chalice of war
Once again your false lord is shamed