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The Great Divide

Subtle lines of separation mapped out on paper-another useless boundary. Just another reason for more division. It seems we want more enemies. The things we had in common withered with time. Ideals that once meant something have all died. The walls we worked to break have been replaced. A scene once filled with love now thrives on hate. We used to stand on the same side until we met this great divide based on bullshit labels and petty politics. We've lost our way in this war we wage where we're all the same. Alone and scared and simply searching for a better way. So where's the middleground where we once stood? Either we're too strict with our politics or too slack in the lives we lead. It breaks my heart that we let ourselves fall apart. We used to be a threat. United we had a chance, but divided we don't mean shit compared to the mindless masses we fight against. We've torn our house down from the inside out with the convenience of cliques. Our desperate need to classify everything will be our death.