Deepspace 5 /


hebron hill sighed with heavy heart, the night to set aside
shepherds stargazing, turning pages in the sky
planets paraphrasing, speak the language of the cosmos
laying flat upon their back to feel the black engulf the globe
stuff of prophets' prose published in the firmament
got tagged with fatty marker just to make his message permanent
palestine wind blows promising her billows
west bank blanket shelter shepherds in her meadows
from the sandal to the shelltoe, velcro to fat-laces
man has walked a million paces but he still can't find the road
but one night the light flash of angel flight was cast
illuminate the plan, the lamb would shepherd man at last
from the now until the everlast, i want to be god's servant
like that virgin riding bareback on a pharaoh beast of burden
from capernaum to bethlehem to ad infinitum
yo, i write em in the wind so my children can recite em.

so poetic, expressing the styles, shooting the gift
uplift, tear down, bare down in ziontif-expression
stressing the fact bringing it back
to the essence of the presence where it all began.

the heavenly jerusalem pursued
glue my pupils to desktop, use a headlock
induce the labor pains through broken sounds until my best shot
almost seems subdued, so i renew my passion just for you
but you came to my door today just peddling my time away
handed me a booklet from your tower as you watched
and it's not that i don't appreciate your dedication to your faith
and it's not that i'm simply losing patience
it's not that i'm not enjoying our every conversation
i just find it hard to breathe in such a manufactured fragrance
peek my head out of the basement for a moment
where i study the science of zion, spying on atonement
and navigate by the north star's north wind
worship the child with no earthly father who's far from an orphan
explore then implore men to hear it, contemplate it
mankind can only discover what's already been created.


[freddie bruno]
tribal instinct running the ink my bloodstream
the voice of my spirit that's seen through kings' dreams
interpretated the most hated drawn conclusion
preserving my brain for the future like cold fusion
i'm told to purify the globe and hold my intention
write fluid off the margin like a paragraph indention
awaken from a meditative state, i freak the tape
concentrate to bear witness as the pro creates
rocking tracks like songs with sage and quartz stone
make the world gain interest like banks on short loans
you're easy to get into like section 8 homes
i invigorate homes and i dominate poems
cats overlooking me like midgets in mall traffic
i held my cool, trusted christ and outlasted
reaching with eternal prowess that i possess
make me do like wyclef from the stress and manifest.