Worlds Apart /

More Than Just One Night

All of my friends they say
Who needs love or a family
On your own (much better be)
All alone (much better be) to run every fantasy
I was the same until
You came round like a miracle (ahha)
Saw those eyes (I wanted you)
Warm and wise (I wanted to stay)
So close wasn't only physical

More than just one night
(Want to be there with you)
More than just one night
(Want to be there to give)
More than a kiss (I wanted you)
More than this (it's got to be)
More than just one night

Here in my heart, I know
Love blows strong like a hurricane
But this time (you were different)
You're so fine (so innocent)
Girl please say oh you'll let me stay again


There was a time oh when anyone
Would be mine - you made a difference
And it's not just one more line
'Cos it's true (oh it's true) - I want you
(Only you) and I need to know
You'll let it be for ...