Of Graves and Gods /

Part 2 (That Which Comes Between)

Trapped in ourselves hollow & defenseless, they would love to see us fail
Tremble inside, dismembered lust scenes covered in blood, kill the fraud extract
Sent from sense, burn the risk term of life is enough to find yourself seek your life
This is your life, the blood that's on your face, the scent of her hands
The life you want, the life you can't have, trapped by your lonely eyes
Protruding honesty eternal comfort loneliness, trapped by the lust inside
A test for you place in honor, WE FIGHT FOR HONOR, we fight for honor
We kill the lies, putrid hate bound diversions, liars that walk in their own hell
Their own hell be not what they want you to be (a drug) your feelings of distance
They tear & bound you, the feelings of the perfect life live with us
Tremble through this assault reminded place of where you belong, the only thing you want inside
Dismembered on the fucking streets, life for me so pristine, so precise killed by pride
Forcing life into lust, you will learn what this will become, Think for yourself, think for yourself
For your place in life, for the blood, for your brothers, For your own
Think for yourself, no one else