Pizzicato Five /

Darlin' of Discotheque (radio edit)

A guy who lies a lot
Shows up at midnight
And falls in love with an angel

But actually darling
You're the only one who doesn't know
The angel is a spy from loveland

The angel and the liar lock their gazes
As long as the music goes on
Please don't stop this music
Please darling of discotheque

The hypocrite and the cherub
Pretend they're lovers
Just for tonight

And they make love
For the duration of a song
Oh don't stop the music
Oh darling of discotheque

The impostor puts up an appearance
In the middle of the night
And falls in love with an angel

But as soon as the music stops
The angel vanishes
Without saying goodbye

They make love
As long as there's music
Oh please don't stop playing
Oh please darling of discotheque