Debbie Gibson /

Nobody's You

Please don't
Go away don't
Leave me to face the crowds alone
Oh don't you know you're my home

Please stay, just one more night stay
Then if you must move on without me
Wait til my wits are about me
Deep in your heart know though I'll start anew
Nobody's you

I will always compare them always
to you, no they don't stand a chance
They'll try poor souls but won't come close
Save me, dance close and save me
Truth be known I will not be whole
without you here to hold
But if you must go like lovers often do
Know nobody's you

Oh if it's pleasure I seek then pleasure I'll find
I'll even go so far as to say
a treasure will be mine

But, oh there's gold and then there's
diamonds my darling
Precious and few a gem of the earth the
magic of you

Give in, go on and give in
I am what you are to me too
A light in a dark room
Try as they do
Nobody's you
Though they move me too
Nobody's you

No, nobody's you