Toxic Holocaust /

City of a Million Graves

We arrived by the hundreds, a gang of the dead
Donning our weapons and cycles of steel
Deformed and demented and living in filth
Riding through cities lusting for death...yeah

Moonlight brightens the dark city streets
We are the hunted so fire at will
Surviving by chance, alive just by luck
We gotta move to see another day

Violence, destruction and hate
Where gangs are ruling the waste
You've entered the city of graves
Where one million couldn't be saved

Kill or Die

Dressed in all black to hide in the night
Looting and raping the law of the land
Fighting for water, food and for fuel
Better get tough, get strong or die

Apocalypse city still trapped in smoke
One million deaths gone in a flash
Buried in rubble, family and friends
Fallout and dust clouds bring death to all

Riding Through Filth

Corpses awakened, awakened by nukes
Atomic power that brings back the dead
Humans living with melted off skin
Features mutated and rotting off bone

Endless bodies brought back to life
A putrid display where no one could win
The future is bleak with no end in sight
The city's a bomb, everyone dies