Why do you lie to me and fill me with such junk?
You think my mind's so simple I don't know whats going on.
You coat me with your fine ideas and tell me life's such fun.
And then you say it's falling down and you just can't go on.
At first your life was rosy and you couldn't make up your mind
'coz in the very next breath you put your belief behind

Your lifes one big lie you're living a lie not a life
When are you going to come down to earth and show what you're really like
I know you're trying to impress me but you're words just don't ring true
You change your mind so frequently that I can see right through
Why are you trying to impress me that's what I can't understand
Isn't the real you good enough to live up to all your friends

Can't they accept you without all this pretence
Are all their lives so action packed that your lies are your defence
It's not just friends you lie to it's at home and work as well
Throw away that old chip and and find your real friends
When are you going to stop running just opem your eyes and realise
That lies don't really change your life they just act as your disguise.