Defeated Sanity /

Artifacts of Desolation

Science Our Subject Penetrating Spheres of The Ultra Complex Genius Minds Handed Over To Those Leading Hands.
Demonic Greed Defeating All Morality Severe Conflicts Peaceful Solutions Long Buried Animalistic Instincts Take Over Humanity Shows Its Face.
Glittering Lights Of Decimation Woman And Children Awaiting The Sickness From Above.
From The Safety I return To Find Pure Infamy Heading Tortured Screams Out Of The Ruins Once My Home.
This Apparition So Real A Charred Indefinable Creature Creeping To Me Begging For Help Before Collapsing Into Its Demise Dying Before my Eyes Fascination of Destruction Killing Capacity Tested Slaughtered For Manifest Destiny.
People Disintegrated Their Shades Remain On The Concrete.
Infant Body Filled With Splinters Of Glass.
Punishment For Survival The Living Eternally Traumatized Remembering Their Loved Ones In Suffering Endlessly