Blutengel /

Leave the Day (Crystal Tears remix)

This is the night
Where all your dreams come true
I'll catch your life
I'll paralyse your soul

Show me your fear
It's time to break the chains
Turn off the light
Salvation comes to you this night

And you're hiding in the darkness
Spread your arms and try to fly
But the pain you feel is stronger
You're too weak to touch the sky

And the tears that you are crying
Is the price you have to pay
We will guide you into the shadows
Take our hands, we'll leave the day

Regret your sins
With every breath you take
You try to run
But I will hold you back
You lost your way

With every step you make
And all your fears
Grown in every second, you will stay

Feel the pain inside your heart
Your crystal teardrops fade to black...

Try to fly... Try to fly...