Optimus Rhyme /


Hey, look at me I'm an emcee (Bling bling!)
I make enough money to be in Forbes magazine
but I still keep it mean, baby,
See? Rap about two things: guns and heat,
and semiautomatics I'm dramatically emphatic
'bout my dick size and thick thighs.
I'm an addict, Champagne,
pop corks in the bubble bath
and you spiritual cats are so whack
you make me laugh like
Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha
ha-ha hey wooo...

Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha
ha-ha hey wooo...

Hi, here is the eminent hip-hop:
Take an Impala and bubblegum pop,
add a little Cristal to the compound,
doo rag, Timbaland boots and you got it down.
You're underground, make a note
That to sound dope you don't need that ice on a rope
Black loafers, fur coat, matching wristbands, all the hands tickle with the color of the ?????
Tally ho, front like a rockstar,
Push cars like a Benz or a Jaguar,
By far, the best dressed on the scene,
an MC on the cover of Seventeen
Once real, but now you got a pop feel
Eating veal at five forced meals
No longer reel to reel and all you gotta do is sell out,
Wow, what a great deal