Defeated Sanity /

Hideously Disembodied

Ability of Free Thought Destroyed in Early Infancy Inbred Ancient Sickness Falling On Their Knees To The Shapeless Manipulating Images of Grotesque Environment.
Victim Forced Into Abnormal Forms of Castigation Unholy Rituals Of Catholicism Demented Deeds of Superstition.
Body Reacts In Severe Twisted Ways As The Consequence Of Unreasonable Strain Victim Twitching And Trembling in Uncontrollable Fits.
Dogmatic Decision Spitting In The Face of Sanity Spiritual Confinement Leading Her Into Calamity.
Her Cover Strangled The Bleeding Crippled Countenance Becoming Suffocated.
Exorcised To Death Maltreated by Men Of The Church Induced Belief Drives Them To Ignore Symptoms Of Epilepsy.
Being Scorched By The Words of Christ Demon Defies Getting Hideously Disembodied Shattered Theeth Broken Gace Half Dead Body Severe Strangulation Total Malnutrition Soon To Become Expiatory Sacrifice.
Marks Of Holy Desecration Sold As The Work Of The Demons Ravaged Empty Shell Remains As The Broken Body Of Christ.
Withdrawn From Individuality/Free Will The Victim's Demise is Set Soul Leaves The Body Along With The Imaginary Instruder.